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Our Victories

INstateREIA has brought investors from all over Indiana together to collaborate and promote positive investor legislation and form a universal voice for the betterment of landlords, investors and tenants at annual meetings, email chains and newsletters.


Lawsuit to lift the state-wide eviction ban in Indiana was a success and resulted in the Governor of Indiana lifting the 5 month long eviction moratorium on August 18th. However, shortly thereafter, in an unconstitutional gross over reach by the Federal government on state level issues, the CDC filed a NATIONAL eviction moratorium, effectively nullifying any state level actions.

Stopped the Following Bills:

HB 1103, SB 359 & SB 442 - Tenant rights and Landlord-tenant relation bills that would have removed/decrease protections for landlords such as.....
  • allowing expungement of tenant case record
  • no-notice lease termination
  • allowing a 3rd party to collect/hold rental payment during a pending court case
  • extending the time frame to file for eviction after non-payment of rent

HB 1123  - This bill would create additional restrictions around short term rentals. 

HB 1911 & SB 253 - Restricts land contracts if you are selling to a buyer who plans on occupying the property as a personal residence. 

WON the Following Bills:
HB 1165 - Prevented local municipalities from forcing housing providers to cosign on their tenants utility bills

SB 148 - Prohibits a unit of local government from regulating certain aspects of a landlord-tenant relationship.

Learn more about these Bills


INstateREIA cleared its first and most difficult hurdles, and established a track record of legislative success:

  • Passed HB1347 - Prevented local municipalities from billing housing providers for tenants unpaid utilities bills
  • Stopped HB1495 - Prevent the passing of Land Contracts Limitation Bill which would have severely limited the number of land contacts an investor can hold with buyers

INstateREIA's first annual convention was a smashing success as well. Over 200+ Indiana real estate business owners braved a massive snowstorm to gather and show their support for the legislative INstateREIA is doing on behalf of the real estate community.


INstateREIA was established, making us only one of a handful of statewide REIA's in the USA. 

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