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A message from Alicia Ortiz,

Legislation Chair with Indiana State REIA Board of Directors

Investors need to be uniting nationwide to be proactive instead of reactive. Kansas City, South Bend and many other cities across the country are starting to unite tenants on the incorrect pretense that landlords are making a lot of money from evictions.

It is also my belief that investors need to monitor each other. There are many unscrupulous investors (colloquially known as "slumlords") out there who are causing cities to take note because the housing stock is in crisis, especially for the low-income tenants. This reflects very negatively on the ethical landlords, who work hard to provide safe, sanitary, and affordable housing.

Below is a list of State House bills that Indiana State REIA's legislative team was able to get passed in 2019
Utility Bills:
Indiana House Bill 1347 (click for more info)
All rates, charges, and other fees for services rendered by a municipally owned utility to a property occupied by a rental tenant are payable only by the tenant and not the owner/landlord.
The landlord/owner may need to provide a lease to the utility to facilitate this.
Tenant utility charges do not constitute a lien against the property.
Creates a process for establishing an ad hoc policy review committee for a municipally owned utility that is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (90% of municipally owned in Indiana are NOT) if there is a significant complaint.
Goes on to detail how this process would work in greater detail.
Landlord Tenant Matters:
Indiana Senate Bill 524 (click for more info)
Residential landlord-tenant matters.
Makes the following changes to the residential landlord-tenant statute: (1) Increases from 10 days to 14 days the time in which a tenant has to cure a failure to pay past-due rent before the landlord may terminate the lease. (2) Provides that a landlord may not initiate an eviction proceeding or otherwise terminate a tenant's lease for certain alleged violations by the tenant unless the landlord provides the tenant with at least 14 days’ notice and the opportunity to cure the alleged violation. (3) Specifies that a landlord that seeks to terminate for any reason a lease for:

Habitability Standards:
Indiana Senate Bill 422 (click for more info)
Habitability standards. Allows a tenant to terminate a rental agreement if the landlord fails to deliver the rental premises under certain conditions and requires the landlord to return to the tenant any amounts previously paid to the landlord. Requires notice to a tenant regarding lease termination to include a statement about failure to pay fees. Provides that notice is not required to terminate a formal or informal lease in certain situations.

Inspections of Rental Properties:
Indiana House Bill 1372 (click for more info)
Provides that a political subdivision shall establish and enforce a program for inspecting and registering rental units.

We will keep you posted on the upcoming committee hearing and alert you if action is needed if these controversial bills make it out of committee.

Submitted by: Alicia Ortiz, Legislative Chairman Indiana State REIA

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