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Contact Your Legislators

Why You Need to Contact Your Legislators

Over the past year, there has been a non-stop tsunami of increasingly harmful anti-investor legislation and vilification of housing providers in the media. And the majority of these claims and so-called "facts" are incredibly misleading, and do not in any way represent your average Indiana housing provider.

If harmful legislation like this isn't reversed, it will have incredibly detrimental effects on the (rental and retail) housing market as whole, and on the availability and quality of affordable rental housing in Indiana. 

Not to mention, all the local Hoosier real estate entrepreneurs that it will drive out of business, who have their own families to feed and shelter.

How can we expect policy makers to take these issues into consideration if we do not contact them and let them know what those issues are?

ALL real estate entrepreneurs, and ESPECIALLY HOUSING PROVIDERS in the state of Indiana NEED TO CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS.

If our policy makers do not hear from us about how this legislation is negatively impacting us, HOW CAN WE EXPECT THEM TO TAKE THOSE NEEDS INTO CONSIDERATION  when deciding on new legislation?

Write a letter or email to your legislators

Here is an example/template you can use as a letter or script. Feel free to copy and paste, just customize the 2nd & 3rd paragraphs to reflect your own experience. 

Download this in MS Word: Letter to House and Senate Representatives.docx

Download a version for non-landlords in MS Word: Letter to House and Senate Representatives (non-landlords).docx

Or view it on this webpage: Letter to House and Senate

Write your legislators a letter or email detailing your experience as a landlord or a private lender. Or call them and talk to them. Or even better, set up an in person (or zoom) face to face meeting if you are able to.

And don't just contact them once. CONTACT THEM CONSISTENLTY. Don't let yourself be a drop in the ocean of communication they receive on a daily basis. 

Help your legislators put a face to these issues and understand that there is an individual, hardworking person that will bear the brunt of bad legislation. 

The more personalized you can make your communication the better. Be as detailed as you can about the negative impact (or potential impact – if you are lucky enough to have been able to collect all your rent this year) the eviction ban has on you and your family.

Your Senators and Representatives Contact Info

Indiana State Senators

Todd Young -

Mike Braun -

Not sure which District/Area you live/do business in?

Enter your address and this website will tell you which legislators serve your area

Indiana House of Representatives

Area District Representative Name Contact Info
Gary District 1 Peter Visclosky
South Bend District 2 Jackie Walorski
Fort Wayne District 3 Jim Banks




District 4 James Baird

Northern Indianapolis


District 5 Susan Brooks




District 6 Greg Pence
Central & South Indianapolis District 7 Andre Carson
Terra Haute

District 8

Larry Bucshon
Bloomington District 9 Trey Hollingsworth

Consequences If This Legislation Isn't Stopped

  1. Housing Providers who aren't able to collect rent, aren't able to keep their properties well maintained (which isn't great for the tenants living there)....
  2. And will likely lose their ability to pay their mortgages which will result in foreclosure (really not great for the tenant either, or the bank, or the private lender).
  3. Which means that there will be a lot more vacant properties falling into disrepair...which brings down overall housing values. 
  4. Not to mention the fact that each vacant house also represents lost tax revenue to cities - meaning a decrease in available revenue to support vital public services and infrastructure. 
  5. And a whole bunch of vacant rental properties also means that the available supply of (quality) rental housing plummets, and the 34% of Indianapolis residents who are renters will have less and less available housing options to choose from.
  6. Plus all the service providers who were employed by that housing provider (insurance agents, accountants, property managers, handy men, construction crews, private lenders who often lend via their individual 401ks etc...), who in turn find it increasingly difficult to support their families due to lost income.  
  7. Not to mention that housing providers themselves won't even be able to support themselves or their families if their only source of income is taken away from them, but they are still stuck paying all the (often quite hefty) bills and expenses associated with a house(s). 

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